Our Instructors

Rene’ Hashe Keplinger

Shooting has always been a passion of mine. Serving in the US Army, I cherished every moment on the range. I was proud to be part of the MASH Unit from Johnson City, TN during the first Desert Shield/Storm. Later, I pursued certifications as a Tennessee Handgun Instructor, NRA Handgun Instructor, and Range Officer. After fulfilling all Tennessee state requirements, I realized I had found my true calling. It’s often said that if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

In 2008, I founded the All American Handgun School. Having served as a US Army MASH nurse during Desert Shield/Storm, I take immense joy in educating others on firearm comfort and accuracy.


William Higgins

William Higgins is an Air Force Veteran. Former UCSD officer and currently a Supervisor at the ETSU police department.

S. Glenn Rather

S. Glenn Rather is a retired Marine and retired Law Enforcement Officer. Certified LEOSA instructor. Rifle, shotgun and pistol instructor.

William Vaughn

William Vaughn retired Army Special Ops with experience in defensive shooting with handgun, rifle and shotgun

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