Handgun permit classes are offered several days a month. Most classes are completed in one day with the classroom portion and range qualification. Fee is $100.00 for the class. Must be 18 years old, a resident of TN/VA and familiar with a handgun as you will need to shoot 50 times safely and accurately.


Very basic class of how guns work. Different types of handguns. How to load, unload, stand, aim and fire a handgun. Range safety and gun safety. After the classroom portion we go to the range and shoot a variety of guns to see what you like and help you determine what you may want to purchase or carry. Guns and ammo are provided but students can bring personal handguns to get more familiar with during the class. If you are not comfortable with your handgun, need help becoming more accurate or just need a refresher course, this one is for you. Fee is $100.00 about 4-5 hours.

Common Sense Self Defense Class

Common Sense Defense is for the average citizen who goes to work, shops, goes to school, is out in public and may be the victim of a crime. Criminals are out there hoping you will be distracted or alone and an easy target.

This class is not martial arts, no flying kicks or flips. Avoid and Escape are the main goals. Simple every day things we can do to make it harder for anyone to take advantage of us.

You choose what you are comfortable with carrying. These items are available during class. Age 12 and up are the recommended. Class will encourage you to be ready and prepared for ‘bad guys’ so you can avoid situations at home, school, work and church and commuting to them all.

We need to be smart and have a weapon of some type to use to create the opportunity of escape. Hard to believe but it is a fun class.  No matter what you wear, how you dress, what you do for a living or what you drive makes you a victim. Someone chooses you to be a victim. Only you can protect yourself instantly with knowledge and awareness. 

 $40 for the class. 

These classes are 2 to 2 1/2 hours long and can be held at any location. Prevention is truly a splendid thing


Please call (423) 948-8053 for details.


Bring your gun(s) to learn to clean it! This class provides tutoring in disassembly, cleaning and reassembling your handgun. Cleaning supplies are provided or if you have a favorite cleaner or lubricant feel free to bring it. If your handgun requires a special key, please bring it.  Small classes lasting 1-2 hours. Fee is $30.00

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