Stressed about shooting? Below are our Frequently Asked Questions!!!

What if I don’t have a gun? You can borrow one or you can rent one of mine.  The gun you qualify with does not have to be owned by you. No records are kept of what you shoot just your shooting score.

What if you only own a large caliber handgun and ammo is very expensive?
I have a couple of handguns available for use during the permit class. Revolver or Semi-Automatic .22LR

What if your gun isn’t registered?
There is no gun registry in the state of Tennessee. If you legally own the gun, you can carry it or use it to qualify. No serial numbers are recorded during the class. 

Can I qualify with a gun that I am not going to carry?
Sure, you do not have to qualify with your personal carry gun. You can qualify with any safe handgun of any caliber. Laser and scopes are legal, too! Yes, I know it is 3 yards…… I said legal, not necessary.

What if I don’t like crowds?
You have come to the right place. I like my classes to be 10 students or less but sometimes I have as many as 20 (my limit) and private classes are available.

The shooting range is private!!!

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