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Classes Offered

  • Tennessee Handgun Permit Classes
  • Virginia Concealed Carry Classes
  • Basic Handgun Classes
  • Common Sense Defense Classes
  • Handgun Cleaning Classes
  • Private Classes

Rene’ Hashe Keplinger
State Certified Handgun Instructor

Phone: (423) 948-8053

All American Handgun School
722 Watauga Avenue
Erwin, Tennessee 37650

Welcome to All American Handgun School! Handgun Permit, sometimes called Concealed Carry classes are offered several times a month.

We accept Cash, Check, Credit or Debit!

Please check the schedule for upcoming classes.

  • The class is 8 hours long and requires qualifying with a handgun at the firing range.
  • If you do not feel comfortable with your handgun, please sign up for the Basic class first to learn gun safety, range safety and shooting techniques.
  • Range qualification requires shooting  a total of 50 rounds from 3 yards, 5 yards and 7 yards.
  • After the 4-5 hour classroom portion there is a 50 question test.
  • Upon successful completion of the class you will use your confirmation number to take to the DMV and pay for a background check, fingerprints and having your photo taken.
  • Your handgun permit card will be mailed to you after clearing the background check.
  • Classes are offered to men and women age 21 or older or within 6 months of being 21.

Begin the process by filling out a free state application to get your confirmation number.

The state of Tennessee now requires each handgun permit student to fill out the Application for Tennessee Handgun Permit form online before taking the class. The instructor will need the confirmation number you receive upon completion of the form.

Go to to fill out this form. Click on “Driver Services” at the top of the page, go to “Driver Services Online”. Click on “Handgun Permits”. There it gives you the options for the handgun permit application. Please do not lose the confirmation number. You will need your driver’s license and addresses for the last 5 years.

My mission is to teach anyone who wants to learn self defense or to shoot and/or get a handgun permit. 

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