Classes Offered

  • Tennessee Handgun Permit Classes
  • Virginia Concealed Carry Classes
  • Basic Handgun Classes
  • Common Sense Defense Classes
  • Handgun Cleaning Classes
  • Private Classes

Rene’ Hashe Keplinger

State Certified Handgun Instructor

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All American Handgun School
722 Watauga Avenue
Erwin, Tennessee 37650

Welcome to All American Handgun School!

Handgun Permit, sometimes called Concealed Carry classes are offered several times a month.

We accept Cash, Check, Credit or Debit!

Please check the schedule for upcoming classes.

  • The class is 8 hours long and requires qualifying with a handgun at the firing range.
  • If you do not feel comfortable with your handgun, please sign up for the Basic class first to learn gun safety, range safety and shooting techniques.
  • Range qualification requires shooting  a total of 50 rounds from 3 yards, 5 yards and 7 yards.
  • After the 4-5 hour classroom portion there is a 50 question test.
  • Upon successful completion of the class you will use your confirmation number to take to the DMV and pay for a background check, fingerprints and having your photo taken.
  • Your handgun permit card will be mailed to you after clearing the background check.
  • Handgun Permit classes are offered to men and women age 18 or older
  • Basic gun classes are offered to all ages with the presence and permission of a custodial adult.

Our mission is to teach anyone who wants to learn self defense or to shoot and/or get a handgun permit.

All the instructors are US Military veterans! 

Schedule Your Class: (423) 948-8053

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